Membership form


1. Sticker (free)
2. Biro (free)
3. 3 Airtel CUG line for free calls (free)
4. Discount on SMS marketing
5. Online advertisement
6. *Branded jotter -(free)
7. *Training ticket/voucher - (worth up to N50,000 training)
8. *Certificate of membership -(free) (worth more than N3,000)
9. *Airtel CUG line for up to 20 staff members (free)
10. *Top Listing on (free) - (worth up to N20,000 adverts slot)
11. *50%discount on Advertisement space on NASSI magazine. (worth up to N40,000 advert slot)
12. *1 Email marketing blast (free) (worth up to N30,000)
13. *1 bulk SMS batch (free) (worth up to N10,000)
14. *Training slot (free) (worth up to N40,000)
15. *Physical advertisement slot (free) (worth up to N40,000)
16. *20%discount on d use of NASSI training centre (worth up to N10,000)
17. * Placement of company advert material on the NASSI notice board (free) (worth up to N4,000)
18. *Free dinner ticket (worth up to N5,000)
19. *30%discount on exhibition stand during NASSI AGM and conference (worth up to N10,000)
20. *20%off advertisement slot during NASSI conference (worth up to N40,000)
21. *Priority placement for funding and government support
22. *NASSI elites forum